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Québec Winter Wonderland

Located at 46° 49' N and 71° 15' W, on the Saint Lawrence River, in the Province of Québec, Canada, Québec City experiences hot and humid summers (up to 30 Celsius) and wet, snowy and sometimes very cold winters (down to -30 Celsius)! 


But despite the cold, winter in this UNESCO World Heritage Site and its surroundings is an animated season with a variety of activities and attractions that make it a very pleasant city to live in and a very unique destination for visitors. Here's a sneak peek at this winter wonderland!


Alesha and Jarryd NOMADasaurus headed to Québec City in winter to check out the legendary Carnival that happens every year, and got to see Bonhomme, the festival's mascot, watched a parade, slid down a crazy toboggan right in the city and visited the Hotel de Glace, also known as the Ice Hotel. 

Le Carnaval de Québec, Winter Carnival in Québec City

Every year for 3 weeks, Québec City turns into a winter wonderland and celebrates Winter Carnival, the largest winter carnival in the world.

Construction of the Hotel de Glace / Ice Hotel

Here's a video of the construction of the Hôtel de Glace that allows you to discover the art, expertise and most importantly, all the passion of the team behind this ephemeral work of art!

Tour of Québec City Ice Hotel 2018

A guided tour of the Hotel de Glace, 70 million pounds of snow and ice sculpted by dozens of artists, architects, and hearty Québecois. 2018's theme was "Circus" and the halls, bars, and suites were carved with scenes of jugglers, acrobats, lions, ringmasters, and more whimsy from under the big top.

ICE CANOE RACE at Québec City Carnival

Cold, ice and frigid waters? These are things most people avoid; however, at Québec City Carnival the legendary ice canoe race is what many consider to be the main event. This practice has been recognized in 2014 as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Québec. Courageous teams brave the elements to compete against each other along the Saint Lawrence River. The skill of the participants to navigate the waters is truly impressive!

Tapping for maple syrup in Quebec, Canada

When winter turns to spring the people of Québec mark the change of seasons with the annual tapping of the maple trees and sugaring off. This video shows how they celebrate the tradition.

Maple Syrup: Step inside two Québec sugar shacks — one vintage, the other state-of-the-art

When people think maple syrup, they think Canada. Which makes a lot of sense, considering Canada produces 80 per cent of the world's maple syrup and exports over 42 million kilograms of maple products every year. Discover one of the biggest sugar shacks in the province of Québec, located in Saint-Robert-Bellarmin, 150km south of Québec City. Join chef Ricardo Larrivée as he taps into the sweet heart of maple country and learns just how much the industry has changed.



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